Our Products

Nature’s Wisdom Apothecary is a small wellness shop in downtown Paonia, Colorado. We operate locally and remotely, offering consultations and products that support healing and well-being.

Additionally, we sell locally sourced and produced botanical body care products from Esenta Botanicals, a selection of locally harvested herbal bulk teas from Taraz Teas, Mama Love Flower Essences & Essential Oil Blends, Historical Remedies homeopathic lozenges, Flourish Flower Essence Formulas for Body/Soul Wellness, and Happy Buddha Hemp Company tinctures, oils, and teas.

Flourish Flower Essence Blends – From the Flower Essence Society

  • With Ingestible Essential Oils ($16 Each)
    • Activ-8: Eight Flowers to Empower Positive Purpose and Passion
    • Fear-Less: Composure and Containment When Challenged by Fear, Anxiety, or Panic
    • Flora Sleep: Quiescent Flowers for Restful Repose and Rejuvenation
    • Grief Relief: Solace and Insight in Times of Sorrow and Searching
    • Mind Full: Imparting a Vibrant State of Mental Coherence and Clarity


Historical Remedies

  • Box of 30 Homeopathic Lozenges ($7 Each)
    • Moon Drops – For Sleep
    • Pick Up Drops – For Energy
    • Calm Drops – For Emotional Care
    • Stress Mints – For Stress Relief
    • Arnica Drops – For Muscle and Pain Relief

Mama Love Essences & Essential Oils

  • With Scent in 1 Oz. Spray Bottles ($16 Each)
    • Renewed Faith
    • Peace and Good Will
    • Inner Strength and Protection
    • Attracting a Partner
    • Comfort and Joy
    • Open-Hearted Loving
  • Without Scent in 1 Oz. Spray Bottle ($12 Each)
    • Support for Troubled Times
    • Doing New Things With Confidence


Esenta & Bolder Botanicals

  • Locally Sourced and Produced Body Care Products
    • Body Butter – 2 Oz. ($19)
    • Darn Dry Skin – 2 Oz. Salve ($13)
    • Darn Dry Skin – 4 Oz. Cream ($22)
    • Lip Balms ($5)

Taraz Teas (Prices Vary)

  • Locally Sourced and Produced
    • Various Flavors – Full-Bodied Blends

  • Happy Buddha Hemp Company
    • Locally Sourced and Produced
    • Regular and Double Strength Topical Use Hemp-Infused Oils
      • 1 Ounce ($8–10)
      • 4 Ounces ($20–30)1
    • Various Flavored Teas With Hemp
      • Four Large Tea Bags ($20)